Monday, September 7, 2015


We returned to the mountain, meaning to walk. But as we walked, rain fell, and we returned to the car, wet. A few minutes later the clouds had lifted enough for us to see Lion's Head again. It was warm. We shed layers.

So we drove, and walked the broad hill whose flowers change daily. It was cold. We added layers.

There were Moraeas and orchids, the first - above - perhaps Moraea vegeta. 

I don't know what the plant above is, yet. The sweet little orchids below are known as oumakappies - grandmother bonnets: Pterigodium catholicum.

And a tiny fern, with black stems.

Driving back, low hedges of Lobostemon were lit up in the late afternoon sun.

Over the last two days a wind raged summer-hot and then cold. And when it lay down and died sheets of rain followed, and then a penetrating drizzle. One side of the mountain rarely mirrors the other.

This week, mushrooms may appear in forests, and bulbs will continue to push up and to unfold. We will try to see as much as we can, inbetween being at home.

The Rand is at an all-time low right now, making South Africa an even better place to visit, if your currency is feeling strong.

Book your tickets.


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