Sunday, September 6, 2015

An arrival

The jet-lagged Frenchman, fresh from his long-haul flight, was met at No. 9 by pink bubbles, and pink ham.

And one of my mother's beautiful salads, with pink segments of Cara Cara orange from Babylonstoren, and nasturtiums and mint from the garden.

And by a pink-dressed corgi or two.

He brought summer with him. The temperature turned from spring to 30'C/86'F, and a warm wind is blowing.


  1. what a beautiful welcome dinner!

  2. Glorious!! You and your family know how to live (and the best possible way to help the Frenchman recover from his travel)! Best wishes for many lovely times together, Leslie

  3. Gosh, even the tablecloth is pretty. Glad you are reunited with your man.

  4. Looks fabulous and yummy! Keep posting these items for those of us who enjoy living vicariously through your marvelous food and horticultural posts!


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