Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tomorrow's Table

When we returned from Cape Town I found a package wrapped in ribbon waiting for me. In it was a book from a friend, Leon van Eck. Yesterday I opened it and began to read (yes, I did wipe the cover after I removed my drink).

Tomorrow's Table is written by Pamela Ronald, a geneticist, and Raoul Adamchuck, an organic grower. They are married.

Leon - who is also a geneticist -  and I have had digital scraps in the past about GMO's. When I hear the acronym, I (and thousands like me) think dark Monsanto thoughts. And we recoil.

There is so much more to the story, and while I am only a couple of dozen pages in, I am hooked.

If you read labels, if you care about how your food is grown, if you are a grower of edible plants, this book is for you. It is essential and easy reading for people who consider themselves responsible and informed eaters.

Thank you,  Leon.

Friends don't let friends dine in the dark.


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  1. It is very sad that people are suspicious of GMO's just 'cause. One should be informed about HOW the organism has been modified before being up in arms no matter what. In other words, what genes have been added or modified, and why.

    1. Absolutely. Take the American Chestnut. SUNY ESF has made blight resistant trees by inserting a single wheat gene. Regular genetic modification, i.e. crossing trees takes decades to produce a similar result, while introducing many more foreign genes.

  2. Oooh. I want to get my hands on that.

  3. You are most welcome! It's time we separate farming and food from politics, business and ideology, and start focusing on sustainability and helping people. I'm a plant scientist because I want to help feed the world.

    1. why should we separate farming and food from politics, business and ideology when politics, business and ideology continue to infiltrate food and farming and we have a right to know and those rights are continually denied us

  4. The book sounds interesting!
    On the same subject, this post contains a very well done infographic overview of differences and issues.



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