Friday, April 26, 2013

Our bleeding hearts

Bleeding heart, on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, on a recent evening.

As pretty as it is, I actually prefer a native alternative,  Dicentra eximia, or fringed bleeding heart - a Northeastern wildflower which continues to bloom through to chilly weather, unlike many of its indigenous and ephemeral spring brethren, such as trout lilies, woodland phlox, trillium and Virginia bluebells (to name a small, lovely handful), which retreat beneath the earth once warm weather starts.


  1. The first home I remember was planted with Dicentra spectabilis; I'm sure it came with the house. So that is the bleeding heart I love, despite its ephemeral nature.

  2. My very favorite flower/plant (don't tell the 75 roses that are also in the garden).


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