Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summer's drink

Summer in Cape Town, that is. Still one of the best drinks there is. In this case muddled sugar and garden mint, white rum, fresh lime juice, ice, soda water. And I'm about to have me one:

Today I set foot in a gym for the first time in, oh (mumblemumbleinaudible) years. To give you an idea, the last time I was a member there, at the erstwhile Constantia Health and Racquet Club, now one of a zillion Virgin Active clubs scattered across this country, I think there were only a couple of faces that were not white.  That was an Indian family. Today, my instructor, whose services were complementary with the basic membership, was black. And he laughed as I sweated. After weighing me, measuring my body fat and taking my blood pressure, he put me through my paces. I thought I would hate being at the gym, but considered it a necessary evil - or the lesser of two weevils - I always put on weight in South Africa. Back, way back, in the day, I was a regular and in superb shape. Now...gasp, I have a long way to go. But I liked it. Hard to believe. It's a very sophisticated fitness place, filled with natural light and sweating, suffering people, all on two levels around a pool in the middle, where sleek bodies swim laps. I huffed and puffed on my circuit - a series of numbered machines around an aerobics station, and something American gyms seem never to have heard of - and wondered if a gym is a good enough reason to cross an ocean.

Must be those happy exercise hormones talking.

Now, about that drink...


  1. You know I'm totally with you on the feel good gym thing.

    I'm one of the few people I know who quit smoking and lost 5 pounds.

    God that drink looks divine. may I have a virgin version please:)

    xo Jane

  2. Am torn between wanting to congratulate you on diving into the gym-thing, and wanting to smack you because you have summer! Sadly, I understand those endorphins, too. Only four more Jazzercize classes and I will have 200 for the year ... oops, there are only three days left to do it!

  3. sure, it's all fun & games now... good for you.

    drink looks lovely, even with the bracing cold we are about to get in boston.

    best to you & yours everywhere for the new year. now to go check in on estorbo... virtual catsitter, i guess.


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