Monday, December 5, 2011

Fog horn

A fog horn is boom booming in the night. Since sundown, late afternoon, when the mist that had retreated crept back. On the Internet I have tried to find where it might be, but no luck. Two long blasts, then a long pause. We could be in a rocky fishing town. The cat sleeps on the carpet, the electric razor buzzes from the bathroom where Vince is shaving, the keyboard taps and then the fog horn covers the night again.


  1. I remember you spoke about a foghorn some time ago. I also remember the photograph of a ship.

    It's a bit like the sound of trains in the distance.

    Where I last lived in the UK, I would often hear the late trains rumbling across the Metropolitan line in the distance. Perhaps not quite as atmospheric as a 'boom booming' foghorn in NY, but still the sound could take me some place else for a moment.

  2. Hi Rob - yes, here :-)

    I think that trains are just as evocative, and their effect as hard to explain, especially their wail, if they wail.

  3. ditto. i love to hear the train whistle drift up the valley at our place in VT. especially in the middle of the night. that and the coyotes and foxes yipping from ridge to ridge.

    the fog yesterday was really quite beautiful (here in SW CT).

  4. Maybe if you connect with the guy who writes this blog:
    he might be able to locate the foghorn. It is a wonderful blog of all things about tugs and harbors and ny water.


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