Saturday, December 3, 2011

Picking December salads

I popped the hatch to the roof after I remembered that I had a roof farm. Sort of.

It's important to visit the roof. There is a lot to see. Clouds, sky, water, boats, birds, a blimp...

Also some surprisingly lush and tender peas shoots.

I can't wait to see the parsnips next spring. They seem very healthy right now. 

I picked the kale flowers and buds, resilient Tuscan kale and as many tender pea stems as I could.

Downstairs in the kitchen I dressed them all with a mayonnaise-y vinaigrette, added some thin Pink Lady apple slices, tossed the salad, and started to chew.


  1. The kale flowers look like early spring - well, except for the "kale" part. Maybe a good sign for a warm winter - probably not!

  2. I think NYC will have a warmer than avg winer!


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