Sunday, March 2, 2008

Winter flowers: winter aconite

March 1st and a brooding sky. No snow as promised, the night before. One flurry. Freezing-cold, so I wrapped up and headed for the Brooklyn Bridge.

One of the sweetest NYC Parks Department plantings is sandwiched between the foot path to the bridge on the Brooklyn Heights' side, and the busy turn-off from it to Henry Street and the BQE. The trees there are lovely and well-chosen in a woodlandsy way. This is were I photographed the Hamamelis last week - this week it is a little past its best. Later in the spring there will be magnolias, then dogwoods, and in a few days, I think, the Cornelian cherries (Cornus mas, dogwood family) will open their tight yellow buds.

A big clean-up was evident, the mess from winter removed, so that green spikes of daffodils showed, and then these... I swung my legs over the railings and stepped carefully so as not to squash anything. I wonder if anyone notices the little things? These small ones really excite me. They're special.

Winter aconite, Eranthis hyemalis. This means that the little clump in the Liz Christie Garden must be open, too, on the Bowery/Houston corner.

The silver and blue view of winter Manhattan.


  1. Did I see this sandwich? Is it near the place where the bikers/film crew were?

  2. Hmmm. I think the film crew (photoshoot?) was down at the waterside in DUMBO, beneath the bridges? And I don't remember the bikers?? If we did walk past this sandwich I may not have commented on it, as there's not much going on there except GREEN in September...

  3. Hmm. The bikers (as in bicycle) were involved in the shoot, ON the bridge. But maybe it was when we got off the bridge that we turned right?

  4. We got on the bridge right across from the park but I can't remember how we got off. Easy? ;-),-73.990165&spn=0.001466,0.002489&t=k&z=19


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