Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Beef with Pork

Earlier this week I resolved to visit Stinky Brooklyn to buy some more delicious Broadbent Kentucky ham. Our first experience with it had been transporting, so my expectations were high.

I called to make sure they were still open at 6.30pm. Did they take credit cards, yes, just not Amex (I had lost my ATM card). Fifteen minutes later I was in front of the charcuterie counter, asking for half a pound and waiting while it was sliced. Got it home, unwrapped and Looked different. Difference being that it was sliced with the grain of the meat, not against. So that the muscle fibres (sorry, vegetarians) were exposed along their lengths, not at their ends. I ate a piece. Hm. No. Chewy, slidy, not soft. Kind of plasticky. I am sure that's all it was, the slicing. So my question to Stinky is....was this just someone who didn't know how to slice ham? Please do a test. Slice two ways, taste two ways. You'll see.

It was a sad day. So much disapointed anticipation. I was not transported, just ground to a halt. This is serious stuff. And no way to treat a pig.


  1. I was such a sad day, in fact, that I have decided to observe an hour of darkness tonight, from 8:00 to 9:00...

  2. Oops, typo, I meant "It was" such a sad day. And I agree it's no way to treat a pig.


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