Saturday, March 29, 2008


Above: yesterday's prequel to today's dinner party at friends Eric and Mimi's apartment (why? big kitchen! long table!) involving crabs, green papayas, pomelos. Wholefoods, where I went in search of kiwi berries (none) asks $4 for one. Chinatown says $2.50 please! I got two, and a huge prickly durian, possibly incurring friends' ire, five beautiful mangoes, baby bananas, couldn't find a dragonfruit, but did find longans (small lychees). This for a tropical (how did you guess) fruit salad to accompany an experimental sago dessert. And two small, heavy green papayas for one of the world's best salads.

Today's hunt involves the bad boys: big crabs. So back to Chinatown, with my basket holding Things We'll Need, like crab crackersandpicks, fermentedblackbeanstamarindpastejaggery(palm sugar)sago...a sieve (mental note - what to get the nArchitects for Christmas).

Also to gather: yardlong beans, cilantro, limes, 7 crabs, scallions, ginger, garlic, roast peanuts...and a partridge in a pear tree. My arms are going to get a work out. Yesterday I sent the fruit in a milk crate, and two bottle of unfiltered sake over to them.

More is the new less.

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