Friday, May 8, 2020

Kale gnudi

Ever wondered what do with lots of kale?

We receive a big bag of frilly kale leaves in our weekly farmbox from Norwich Meadows. And these pillowy gnudi are the answer. They use a whole poundful.

I adapted a lambs quarter gnudi recipe from Forage, Harvest, Feast for these delicious morsels and the result is wonderful. It received the Frenchman’s damn-that-was-good seal of approval.

What are gnudi? Not gnocchi. They contain ricotta rather than flour (although I add Panko crumbs) and this makes them very tender and soft, not bouncy. Not that bouncy is necessarily a bad thing.

This long, cool, COVID-19 spring I have made batches of gnudi with blanched garlic mustard (delicious) and spinach, and then, wanting a kale version, I accidentally let those leaves char a bit in their pot*. Disaster? No. Delicious! Eye opening, in fact. They turn nuttily sweet. Who knew?

*Don't use an enameled pot for this, or you'll struggle to clean it later. Stainless steel is the way to go.

The recipe for the Kale Gnudi with Mugwort Brown Butter is over at 66 Square Feet (the Food). As usual, daily food news (and now lockdown video) is @66squarefeet on Instagram.

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