Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Garden design, remotely

It has been interesting designing gardens by proxy over the last couple of months. I mean, yes, I design the garden. But obviously there can be no in-person meetings, no site visits, no measurements by my own hand. No poking my fingers in the soil or sniffing the breeze or pondering the sun. Instead, video calls and pictures, and sketches from clients. Good, careful sketches, with rough layouts and measurements, accompanied by thorough observations of sunlight.  Most of the gardens are in New York City but the one I was working on above is in Seattle.

I am very happy that people are thinking about gardens and growing, and the benefits of living with plants.

Other things? The picture above the desk is by the Frenchman, taken while flying high over the Sahara, en route to Cape Town from a European layover. And, hm, well, yes, the cooler, in hiding. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Call me Born to Camp. It's now filled with a stash of wine. The wooden box on top is handy for carrying things to forage picnics, or a whole side of salmon gravlax to a party. Picnics. Parties. What are those, again?

The hat in the box is from Babylonstoren, and beside it the silver things like spoons are a pair of my fastidious father's shoe horns. He was a man who wore good shoes, and he took care of them. I just like having them around.


  1. So glad to know you are still designing landscapes and gardens! You had not mentioned it in a couple of years. And, love your workspace - so clean and inviting! Stay safe ... and home!

    1. Oh, I never stopped. I hope you're both well, Win! xx

  2. Yes, I like your light workspace, too.And the picture!
    Lockdowns here are easing and yesterday I found myself grid-locked in traffic!
    But for the most part, we stay at home and de-clutter the house...

  3. I have one of my Dad's hats. It wanders around the house with me.
    I've started making a garden up here in my new home and often think of you while I'm out there. The ground is mostly granite cobbles (in various sizes from pebbles to things I measure, approximately, in cow's heads -- had a two-header earlier today; those are fun to pry out) and clay so the "improve the soil first" part is slow going but so satisfying.
    Stay well.


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