Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Stolen Schwinn

I just took the trash out and discovered that my beloved Schwinn bicycle has been stolen.**

[***Update: our Korean downstairs neighbor just texted me. They saw an "Asian guy in his 20's to 30's" walking the bike away around 9pm. The cops, when I reported the bicycle stolen, said that there is a trend to steal bikes for food deliveries - so please eyeball your delivery guy's bike...]

It was locked to the wrought iron railing in front of our building in Windsor Terrace. Sometime between 5.50pm and 9.30pm the lock's cable was neatly cut. 

My Schwinn has seven gears, a removable black pouch behind the black Schwinn seat, a black bell. It's in great shape.

The thief would quickly remove the vintage wooden crate from the back. The crate has steel corners.

I loved this bike. It was the best gift, ever, from the Frenchman. 

I went from walking and subwaying everywhere to pedaling with wings. It took me everywhere. I sometimes think it saved my life. 

It was an excellent forage bike, transporting elderflowers... 

...and cattail shoots (foraged by invitation when the bog needed thinning).

And fragile giant puffballs. 

It carried glassware and porcelain, props for the food photos in Forage, Harvest, Feast.

And took knives to be sharpened. 

And delivered laundry in the snow.

It fetched pots from the Gowanus Nursery when I dug up our whole garden for the plant party, when we moved from 1st Place.

Please share this post in NYC. Of course there is a reward. And a pair of bolt cutters for the thief's balls, or for what passes for them.

Because in this twist: it seems this bike was left in its place. A few feet away, unsecured. WTF?

And is this your bike???



  1. This just sucks Marie. I hope one of your Brooklyn followers finds it. I know they'll be looking out for it!

  2. There is Nothing worse than having your fave bike stolen! Mine was a burgundy three speed with a basket and a bell. Fenders on front and back. I loved it! And I'm still pissed! Try the local pawn shops and Craigslist. Hope it turns up!

    1. Yeah - sorry about your bike. The police are investigating and I have been checking Craigslist. It might have been nabbed as a delivery bike. I will be checking other neighborhoods, too.

  3. bloody hell! Here in downtown Jersey City, there are lots of bikes that get walked away .... I do hope you get a lead.

    1. Ta. The cops have been helpful (I was a bit surprised).

    2. The police are investigating? I really hope they find it, but as surprised as you that they are.

  4. Marie... two words. Back yard. Or... one word? Backyard. Even in Toronto, we learned this rule.

    1. Not helpful. Do you think I would leave it on the street if I could keep it in a backyard?


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