Friday, November 9, 2018


Photo by Vincent Mounier

My happy place: with my husband, in the woods, meeting a new plant (Viburnum dilatatum, linden viburnum - invasive and delectable, if you like tart flavors). This is out on Long Island's north shore, and within the driving limit that my back can handle right now. Stupid back. I can't sit for long without pain, but I can walk for miles. So it could be much worse.

The fruits make a crimson jelly. And a good, sour powder, too. The seaweed I collected  a little later is already dried and crispy, waiting for future recipes (crackers, for sure, and probably some things I have not thought of, yet).

It is a blustery weekend in New York City and I think by Monday many of the beautiful autumn leaves will have been blown from their branches. So peep as many as you can now if you live in the hood!


Forage, Harvest Feast - A Wild-Inspired Cuisine


  1. That's a really nice photo Vince!

  2. That is an excellent photograph of beauty. With every best wish for a swift and complete recovery from whatever is at the root of your back pain, Leslie

  3. You have a herniated disc. Avoid anything that flares it up so it doesn't rupture. Get some physio.

  4. What about other viburnums (viburna?). I have a nice V. plicata tormentosa that's full of berries. Anything i can do with them? Thanks.

    1. Probably V. plicatum var. tomentosum (mouthful!) aka doublefile viburnum? Nice that it set fruit! They often don't - is it normal for yours to make fruit? I have never tasted them. All viburnums are edible so you can taste and see. If they have a good flavor, try your hand at jelly. They do contain pectin, and I made some with and some without quince, to see what the difference would be. Crabapples would also increase the setting. Mine (without) set to a very delicate quiver.

    2. Yes. Doublefile. I double checked Dirr to be sure i had the right tree. May have my first foraging adventure in my own yard! Thanks for the info.


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