Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This too shall pass

The lilacs stayed fresh for about 30 hours after I bought them. That was good enough for me.



  1. Have you tried crushing the stems and putting it in warm water? It should help. The process has to be repeated nearly everyday :(

    1. I crushed the stems and added a little bleach per recommendations. Maybe if I had changed the water the next day...

      Shelley I guess the gin has the same bacteria-killing idea as the bleach? I'll take the gin for myself!

  2. Beautiful lilacs! We have found that only the lilacs that we harvest ourselves, from our garden and those of generous neighbors, last more than 2-3 days at most, no matter what we do. Lilacs we cut from our own or neighbors' gardens, and, within 10-15 minutes, trimmed and put in water, consistently stayed in fresh bloom a full 7 days this Spring. Thank you for the gorgeous photograph, Leslie in Oregon


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