Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring Fling Cocktails

By mid May spring is racing through the city like a green flood, and in our Brooklyn backyard the in-ground vegetable plot and perennials are growing lush. Pots are slower. Aren't they always?

Come and enjoy botanical cocktails (with or without alcohol), like the Grounded Bishop, above (what did he do???). It is one of dozens of cocktails featured in my upcoming Forage, Harvest, Feast cookbook. Ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria - also called bishopweed and goutweed) is still sold as a garden ornamental despite being very invasive - but delicious. The snacks we share will also feature May's foraged bounty.

In a very casual and relaxed meet up we will talk about what unusual edibles, city- and pollinator-friendly plants can be grown in ordinary gardens, and what comes next in the foraging year.

Space is limited to 10 guests. A confirmation email will be sent to you on sign up.


  1. If I were in the city still I'd be there - sounds like fun!!

  2. This looks like fun! We will be hosting our own botanically inspired drink event later in the summer.

    P.s. - my ferns in pots haven’t come up this year at all. I am baffled! How are your ferns doing?

    1. Good! I choose spring drinks because we have serious backyard mosquitoes, quite soon. Some of my ferns are fully unfurled, some are just thinking about it, and one is dead. A couple of surprising things are dead, actually - I blame the crazy-cold we had in January, followed by warm Feb days then cold again. What sort of ferns do you have?

    2. Ah! I have the same problem with mosquitos. Must buy some mosquito repellent plants before then.

      I have a Japanese fern and I don’t remember the other fern’s name. I took a look at my photos from last year and it seemed like they came out in late May. But last year I saw fiddleheads at least.
      I guess I will wait until late May and then do some digging around or replace them altogether.


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