Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Prospect Park Wild Foods Walk

Prospect Park [sold out - please email me to join my mailing list]
11 June 2017 
12.30 pm - 2.30pm

There are just four spots left on this Sunday's walk in Prospect Park. It is probably my last walk of the season, as I focus on the cookbook I am writing.

Early summer has brought The Big Green to city parks: Trees are in luxuriant leaf, ground elder is in bloom, cup plants are climbing skywards and mugwort is taking over the world. 

Early June is elderflower time - we'll talk about how to make classic elderflower cordial. The shrub is easy to grow at home, too. 

June is also the harbinger of tilia (linden) blossom - where for 10 to 14 days in the year New York actually smells fantastic.

We walk, talk, scratch and sniff (plants, not each other) and gather at the end for a tasting picnic of wild flavors. It will feature a pâté of roasted carrots with elderflower cordial and elderflower vinegar, home made ramp and wild herb cheese, quails eggs with ground elder dipping salt, mugwort crackers, and cattail madeleines (or maybe serviceberries hand pies - haven't decided yet! Votes?).

A confirmation email with more details will be sent to walkers after they sign up.

SOLD OUT, sorry!

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