Saturday, January 25, 2014

Warm window...


Last night I snuck a hot water bottle onto the Frenchman's side of the bed. He was cold.

He never gets cold.

This man has been ice diving in a Quebec winter.

For fun.

He knows how to build survival igloos.

He's fallen from a canoe into the icy St Lawrence River (with his sister).

No problem.

But in Harlem, he is cold.

To keep warm I order lablab seeds, gloriosa lilies and plan my birch branch palisade.

I may have ordered some purple and scarlet runner beans, too.

Summer will be warm. Screened behind annual climbers.


  1. Electric mattress pad...Estorbo would love it too!

    1. Took the words right off my fingertips lol - love my electric mattress pad - so much better than an electric blanket.

  2. When even my flannel sheets aren't warm enough (like now!) I lay a cheap fleece throw on my bottom sheet and sleep right on it. I find it works pretty well, along with my quilt + a down quilt of course to keep the heat in :)

  3. You are a good woman....then again, it sounds like you both take good care of one another :)!!

  4. I'm with Katnip...electric mattress pad. You'll never be cold again.

  5. I have a down-alternative comforter that I call the "magic comforter" because no matter how cold--and I turn my heat off at night--I am nice and warm in it. That's with smooth cotton sheets (I cannot abide flannel and its pills) and no blankets, though I do slip it into a cotton duvet cover. But it's thin and lightweight, because I hate feeling buried. I bought it 9 years ago and I don't know what it was made of, so I can't help you find it. However, I once stayed at someone's house who had a gel-filled comforter, and I found the same result, in a similarly lightweight form. So maybe that could be a lead. But on to more important matters: Is "birch branch palisade" your clever term for a fence/trellis to grow vines on, and thus get some privacy from? I sure hope you post on that. I have been turning over in my head how to make something like this, strong and tall enough, using sustainable materials.

  6. Such a lovely facade and first floor windows


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