Friday, February 22, 2013

The Terrace in House and Leisure

House and Leisure's homepage

My mother was the food editor of House and Leisure, a glossy South African magazine, in the 90's. She cooked, she styled the food, she wrote the recipes. I still have all the editions with her food inside, right here in Brooklyn. If anyone was going to write a book, it should have been she.

Anyway, House and Leisure contacted me a little while ago and asked for an interview about my gardening life in New York, and the result is now on their very good looking website. Also some new pictures - a sneak peak at the book to come, and a little bit more about 66 Square Feet, the book.

I am acutely and guiltily aware that to regular readers of this blog, some of the information 'revealed' in the interview is probably becoming rather repetitive.

"We KNOW she met her husband through her blog. We KNOW she got the damn whooping cough. We KNOW she has a darn fig tree! Bla bla bla."


But I am asked the same questions, because not everyone knows, and so I have to answer them. I will change the tune as fast as I can, I promise. I would prefer never to mention whooping cough again Really. Boring.  It's my fault for having such career path.

But there is some fresh content, too, I promise, and if for nothing else, go and look at the pictures. I like them! Also surf around the House and Leisure website. South African magazines are awfully well put together in my opinion.

Here's the interview:

A New York Terrace


  1. this is SO RAD!!! congratulations :) xx

  2. Fabulous Marie. Got H&L on my Saturday morning to-do list and will have a read and keep it with the copy of Visi which introduced us! Great news about your book being available in SA as I've been wondering how I would get my copies. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you, Pam. But don't be disappointed, like my mother just was. The interview is a website exclusive :-)

      I owe a lot to Visi.

  3. Nice interview. Know it pleases you that the " folks back home" will see it.

  4. Wonderful!
    The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I enjoyed reading the interview, it made me even more excited to see the book. Cannot wait!!! The pictures are good, but where is le Chat Noir?

  6. Very interesting interview! I didn't know you have a fig tree on your terrace :) because I've been reading your blog since recently.

    I like your idea to adapt small terrace into a fabulous garden! :)

    Have a nice and delicious weekend!

  7. Is that a beaded Nguni in the one pot? I love Nguni cows :-)

  8. I didn't know those particular facets about you: opera singer, whooping cough, how you met the smoothman, etc. So nice to see it, and to know others are learning about you too. And of course love the food, home and garden talk.

  9. Pshhhhh, repetition schmepetition. I love hearing your stories no matter the venue. Congrats!


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