Monday, February 18, 2013


So, Einstein (I say to Myself), why do you think this jug holding your fig cuttings is sitting in a puddle of water?

Hm, says Myself, it hasn't rained...In fact it's a sunny, blue day. A bit like the jug.

Indeed, I say.

It must be leaking, says Myself.

Wow, I say.

But...did the wind blow it over? The one that railed in the night?

It's still upright and where you left it, I say.

Myself picks it up. A long hairline crack running top to bottom. Oh, says Myself, and a small white chip of porcelain on the stone table.


Could the wind that lifted a deck chair from the roof have jarred it against the wall? says Myself.

Look inside, I say.

(Looks inside.)


Ice. What happens to water below freezing. Your figsticks have been out here overnight and it is freezing, as you well know, since you shuffled off to the gym late yesterday wearing sweats in 12'F/ -11'C weather. What did you think was going to happen???

I didn't, says Myself.

My point, I say.

It was my favourite Cornish Blue jug, says Myself, sadly. From Dean and Deluca.

It was your only Cornish Blue jug, I say. From Dean and Deluca.

My thoughts are wheeling pigeons, individuals peeling off and taking flight alone while the flock follows the white stick being waved by the man on the roof of the brownstone on Henry Street

I leave doors open, or locked with keys in the outside, lose knives small and large, and throw away cellphones.

But those are other stories.


  1. Do you ever have enough starlings for a murmuration?
    (Save the blue jug-you can always use it as an outer container for a small jar.)

    1. A murmuration? Dinahmow, i am very impressed! And, i agree ... keep the. jug. Its still a favorate, tho slightly wounded.

    2. Those starlings do gossip all day.

      Sadly if you're mortally wounded, in this space, you have to go. Black ops. No resources for no jug left behind.

      All objects must be fully functional :/

  2. Oh, dear. I can relate. I lost my Opinel knife that I used every day in the garden. And I look every day in the garden for it. I agree with dinahmow. Save the jug. It's beautiful as a piece on its own. Or maybe as a lovely pencil holder?

  3. Slather some water-proof glue on the inside along most of the crack and plant it with something wonderful.

  4. I also say keep the jug if you love it.

    As for keys, locked doors etc., hearing this is a comfort since 5 seconds after locking the door, or closing the window, I ask myself, did I lock or close or, or, or... I think it's doing the deed but thinking about something else and so it's done automatically but not registered. That's my explanation and I'm sticking with it.

  5. wabi-sabi.
    break the jug apart and glue it back together.

  6. hahaha.... I am glad to know there are others in the world who enjoy their own conversation as well as leave their keys in the door on the outside! I've gotten so used to doing that it is now the first place I look when I've "lost" my keys.
    & I am sorry to hear about your jug, but don't throw it out - it might make a good pencil keeper.

  7. I think.....uh, what was the question?

  8. Another thought. Anything ceramic of mine which comes to grief gets broken up in a tea towel and used as mosaic edging in the garden... : )

  9. I lost my bank card on Sunday. I lose my knife at least once a day at work.This causes much ado. What's a florist without her knife? In the way.

    Bring it to my house and put it in the attic with all my broken favorites.

    xo Jane

  10. A moment of prayer for the fallen jug. I hate it when my favourite things are lost in this way. And I don't see them on the D&D site. Double unhappiness.


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