Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ten minutes in Paternoster how it felt.

There will be more, later, of everything. By the time the jetlag has worn off we will be flying back again, and this will seem like a turquoise dream. 

We slept last night to the crashing of waves and the buffeting of the ceaseless southeaster tearing around the corners of our tall-pitched, white washed house. Vince saw me asleep in the dawn light and said there was a smile on my face.

Our little balcony above the beach was calm and quiet, with no view but blue. We sipped G &T's.

I explored the dunes and their vegetation.

And we lingered out there long enough to see the sun dip over the bays of little granite islands.

We are back in Cape Town, and will head out into the fynbos tomorrow, on our only hike. May it be a good one.

Good night from No. 9


  1. Goodnight from snowy Scotland -another world!

  2. So nice to see my country through your eyes. Today is gonna be a scorcher with no wind, we can't win...the SE blows you away but we miss it when it is not here!

  3. I know Brooklyn is great, but how do you leave this paradise that you know?
    This is breathtaking..........all that nature and beauty.
    We miss you at's cold and raining, just sayin'.


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