Saturday, April 28, 2012

Union Square Farmers Market

A-marketing we go, in this crazy April. Loads and loads of lilac.

Crates and crates of asparagus, from New Jersey.

Bunches and bunches of...POKEWEED!? Lanis Farms: the coolest stall of all award. Who needs to forage anymore? Not only misunderstood pokeweed but ramps and claytonia (which I didn't know grew here; it is at home in Califorian climates).

And at Paffenroth's, below...FIELD GARLIC! Forgive me for shrieking, but I've been muttering out loud here and on Facebook about this for weeks: why don't farmers sell field garlic???

Well, they do. They also had crates of chickweed and nettles. Foraging has arrived. The nettles we bought were turned into a sauce-bed for crabcakes with ramps. The sauce needed work.

Beautiful stuff everywhere - this was at Lanis Farms, again. Tatsoi flowers.

Garlic scapes. They became a crunchy bed - with ginger -  for chicken steamed on ramp leaves over a soy and ginger bath, the chicken then crisped under the grill. 

Rivers of greens.

More ramps.

Some tulips.

Rose Meadow Farms' exquisite anemones.

And sweet peas.

And then a long break at the popular, unpopular Coffee Bar where I still love their Pasiosa - passion fruit juice and prosecco, and some very good pancakes and crispy bacon. Skip the huevos rancheros.


  1. You are weeks ahead of us here in the Midwest!

  2. Sweet Peas?!!

    I just planted mine out today (in Scotland) - they are about four inches high and won't flower till June at the earliest. I know these must be grown under cover, but even so....

  3. That was a great tour of the market, this year I will eat some of the tatsoi flowers.....x


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