Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biodiversity Blog

Aandblommetjies [evening flowers]. Photo: Marijke Honig

On the subject of biodiversity (it is the Year Of...) my friend Marijke Honig ('Maraykuh' to all you non-Dutchies - Marijke's family is Dutch, as opposed to Afrikaans...here endeth the lesson) has started a blog on the subject, the Biodiversity Blog, kicking off with her involvement in the design and implementation of the Biodiversity Garden, situated on the old Green Point Common near the new stadium in Green Point, Cape Town.


  1. Glad to be looking at those beautiful and mouthwatering pictures on a full stomach otherwise it would have triggered all sorts of bulimic cravings ...

  2. Hi. I lived near Herbertsdale in the Eastern Cape for fifteen years and there was a lily locally named 'Aandblommetjie" but it did not look like your flowers. It bloomed singly on a tall stem about 14-18 inches off the ground. At night, it emanated a fantastic scent and in the moonlight its pale yellowish pink colour almost glowed. It looked a bit more like a Diarama. I am looking for its proper name. Can you help?

  3. Hi Pippa, no I'm not sure. These aandblommetjies are Hesperantha. Good luck with your search!


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