Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August: Look back in hunger

The hottest, muggiest New York month is ending on a hot, muggy note.

Here's a look at some of what we ate at summer's height.

A good month for baking. The super-simple muffins...

Nigel Slater's it-doesn't-get-better-than-this almond and peach cake. I made it three times.

The sweetest, most clear, most juicy white farmers' market peaches, splashed with cold prosecco.

Ratatouille, employing all roof farm crops:

And lamb chops, not from the roof farm. But we can dream, can't we?

More lamb, roasted on lemon slices.

Vietnamese sticky ginger and garlic chicken.

The roof farm watermelon!

A leisurely breakfast of organic eggs and pancetta.

And a bed of potatoes...

...for a juicy brown roast chicken.

The new Transatlantic cocktail: Juneberry and cherry-infused Calvados, topped with prosecco.

And finally, the stars of the show and of the terrace, and we shall not forget them: the cornucopia of figs.

I'm ready for Fall.


  1. Nothing more to say other than YUM... and please set a place for me at your table....

  2. mmmmmmm...all so delicious and beautiful! had to giggle picturing sheep trip-trapping around on your roof! baa-ing over the edge at startled pedestrians belwo...

  3. Ek dink jy moet jou getroue lesers beloon met al die bogoemde resepte....lyk fantasties, ek was ook baie geinspireer met jou disse van julle roadtrip vakansie, veral in Golden Gate. Vandat die Visi my aan jou blog bekend gestel het is ek nog net meer vasberade om my eie groente tuin te begin. Het 1400 vierkante 'n meter so het geen verskoning nie! En dan het jy nog boonop goeie smaak in skrywers...

  4. You tried the amelanchier calvados! What's the verdict? It will be a year before we're sipping the wine.

  5. OK, Maggie, place is set. What time will you be here?

    Yes, QC, with little parachutes, in case.Parasheep?

    Liz, hallo - baie dankie: daar is links vir die muffins, die ratouille, die koek, die tjops, en...o, die hoender! Hulle is almal daar by (the Food). Kyk weer. Voorspoed met die groentetuin, nou is die tyd vir plant!

    Ellen - strong marzipan element...It's good, but best possibly as a digestif.

  6. I am so glad that Mitchell doesn't read your blog. I've gotten away all summer with, "it's too hot to cook much, honey" and here you have pulled off culinary magic. You're an inspiration to all us slackers!


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