Monday, April 26, 2010

Golden Gate, Eastern Free State

Photo: Vincent Mounier

Over at Coriolistic Anachronisms Vince's tale has overtaken my recounting of our road trip early in the year. For a sneak peak at the beautiful and beleaguered Eastern Free State, and gateway to the Maloti Mountains, pull on your riding boots and head over there.


  1. Hi Marie,

    Im throughly enjoying reading aobut your Road Trip. You forget sometimes until you travel just how beautiful SA is. Seeing your gorgeous pics has made me very homesick.

    Ek vou vir jou vertel ek het herbs en blome geplant vir die spring / somer. Ek was / is so opgevonde. Dis 'n bietjie therapy vir my want ek is deur 'n harde tyd begin van die jaar. Dit help sommer baie :)

  2. Hi Broni

    Sorry to have made you homesick...

    Blomme en kruie kan baie goeie terapie wees en ek hoop dat dinge 'n bietjie beter gaan met jou :-)

  3. I did, and smiled at the memory of my horse-riding in Vanuatu 3 years ago.


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