Friday, April 30, 2010

Choose your poison




Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Osborne Garden azaleas versus the Native Garden azaleas.


  1. Yep, poison all right! (First two pics anyway.) My eyeballs hurt now.

  2. The colors are beautiful but there is something "special" about plants in their native habit and habitat, isn't there? I see so many of these neighborhoods lately that all have the same things going on that it almost gets boring to look at them. I always think: how about some originality!

  3. I love color, even those colors in theory. But I am dazed.

  4. Rachel - at first I thought so too. Maybe I still think so. I'm not sure. It's too much. I think. Or is it?

    Teri - yes, then there are the suburban azaleas. Garden Rant had an interesting post about them. Thing is, while I like this clash of colour, somehow I am not compelled to think about it the way I think about the azalea in a natural setting.

    Frank - yes, dazed.


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