Monday, August 31, 2009

That was August

As if on cue, the temperature today in New York on this last day of August 2009, is 23'C/73'F. The air conditioners have been turned off.

Is summer over? Fine by me. Produce at the markets will continue to be abundant for a long time to come. Roses will still bloom. We will still snip chives and basil...

Here are some pictures from the last 30 days on the terrace.

The Black swallowtail family.

Thai basil.

Mexican heirloom tomatoes.

Calamintha and basil.

Lowly, pink impatiens.

Th east tinted pink at sunset.

A cooling drink.

A warm cat.

Hosta 'Fragrant Bouquet'.

The gaura's leaves turning red.

Fennel and agastache.

Giving some unruly chives a serious brush cut.

Bee wings.

More calamintha.

Fennel and basil.

Terrace from the top.

Abraham Darby this morning.

Brilliant sunset in the middle of the month.

Tomorrow is September. Bring on some of the best months...This year is drawing down.

We have postponed our move. For various reasons it was too much too soon, and I feel like I have some breathing room. We will find more storage in the tiny space for my tall husband. We will enjoy the terrace some more. We will not worry.

We will eat more figs.


  1. august looks lovely through your lens but i can't believe that swallowtail is real. you have created a good home for so many living things over there haven't you? and postponing the move sounds juuuust right. and anyway, you'd have to rename your blog sooner too.
    just keep eating figs.

  2. Sounds like a good plan...

    Many thanks for the beautiful recap of August.


  3. I'm sure your decision to stay put right now is a relief. While smaller quarters are sometimes cramped & uncomfortable, I'm sure your natural talent of making all things beautiful has provided you & Vince with a cozy ambiance. The very fact that you are finally together will surely outweigh your space issues! The perfect home will come along at the right time.

  4. My first visit - what a lovely find! It's wonderful to see you using a small urban space so well.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Now I wish I had done more with my terrace when I lived in the city. Shame on me. Are you ever concerned that one of your pots may blow off with the wind and go crashing onto the street?

  6. Marie, i am really relieved that you've slowed down your house hunting. You don't need that additional stress. The right place will come along eventually, and in the meantime you and Vince can do a lot of slow dancing as you try to move around the apartment together. Your terrace is truly one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the city...nice to be able to enjoy it for some time longer. And thanks for the gorgeous recap of August.

  7. Hola Bonbon...keep an eye out in Greenpoint anyway, OK? :-)

    Hi Keli'i - thank you...

    Camille - merci

    Hello Vivienne, thank you, and I hope you visit again...

    Thomas - sometimes I do worry I have gone out on blustery nights to check on everything. Mainly, I make sure they are not top-heavy and tip-overable. But an umbrella flew over the roof from god knows where the other day and bumped a pot into the wide gutter - which acted as a catch net. That was a bit sobering.Fortunately they are not over the street, but over a usually empty front courtyard.

    Hi Paula - I am much more relxaed!

  8. here in my garden too the start of teh end of summer looks similiar, the pink skys are lil bit far away though and dotted with amy more trees..thank u for the pictures


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