Friday, August 28, 2009

The roses of August

...smelling as good as they look.


  1. Hi Chica,
    Guess what: I take my oath on Monday. I got approval today in my interview.
    At some point we should celebrate gringa style.

  2. !!!!!????!!!!!

    So queeck!!!!! How long was it?

    Does it feel better than a couch yet?

    How was Bogota? How was Cartagena?

    And what the fork is Gringa style :-)


  3. Oh right, like, why didn't I think of it? Uh!

    Frozen margaritas!


  4. Of course! It means you and I, on Monday will both be...gringas, as in americanas! So, yes, frozen margaritas will be perfect. It was very quick. I filed in June, interviewed today, and Oath on Monday. I am sitting on that very couch writing you this. It feels good??? and strange. I liked seeing Obama's pic on the wall. I wondered if my American grandfather was seeing all this...or what he would have thought, but it was comforting to think I am his grand daughter today. Sent you a postcard from cartagena, but it may take 8 months to get there. Besos, Cons

  5. Oh, man, so jealous of those roses!


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