Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walking home

My last stop today left me near the Brooklyn Bridge, so I decided to walk home over it. It's fun to walk home over a tidal strait. It's a mile across, so one feels virtuous, too. Near the foot, in the little park at City Hall was this sign. I laughed out loud on the street for the second time this week. I'd better watch that.

No team sports permitted. Passive recreation only.

I'll just let y'alls imaginations take over.

This lovely clematis is on Henry Street.


  1. Passive recreation is such an oxymoron... And I think team sports should be censored on TV, not in parks.

    In any case, my imagination having blasted into high gear, I came up with a perfectly passive recreational example: I walk into nearby J&R, buy the camera of my dreams, come back to the park, sit on the lawn and read the manual. ;-)

  2. ...or would that turn it into a team sport.

  3. I didn't check the comments on this post earlier...aw! shucks! now I have to go pour another glass of Shiraz. (and have an early night?)


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