Friday, April 25, 2008

The windiest terrace in the world

It's not even on a very high floor. I've been on 4oth floor penthouse terraces this week where the furniture doesn't move an inch. On this terrace it will, and does, and then tips right over. This is where I was blown from one end to the other on winter ice. Wheeeeeee. The crabapples are in bloom or just beginning, the catnip beds have only just started to sprout (no, no cats, but the blue flowers are very good as a relief for the pink and white lilies), and the liles, about 80 of them, are pushing up. Alliums have already made long, strappy leaves. I like alliums.

It's a very conservative garden, really, partly because it has a difficult sun-situation, and what works, works. Though open to the west (wind), it is shielded from midday sun by a very tall building across the way. So some parts of the terrace have sun early, then an eclipse-like effect, then sun late in the afternoon. Then the wind...

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