Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That was April

Spring elms on Prince and Mulberry.

One-shot forsythia on 62nd and 3rd Ave.

The quince on Congress.

Cobble Hill Park.

The Kate Winslet crabapple.

Saucisson and cornichons from Stinky.

The Frenchie in the Village.

And at Momfuku Noodle Bar.

And at peace.

Our swinish friends at Stinky's ham bar...

I call that better than paper-thin.

My mizuna crop. I don't think I like mizuna...

Supper with Constanza and News of the Move. I'm sure there's ham in North Carolina.

Sky's a changin'.

Almost al fresco.

My first Gibson. I think I should pickle my own onions.

Trying to cheer up Mary on Congress Street.

Today's Kwanzan petals on East Houston near Avenue B.


  1. What an interesting April, as always. Very curious to see what May has in store for us. And June. And...

    Almost al fresco. My favorite. That terrace has a soul. :-)


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