Friday, January 11, 2008

Geknelde land

Aloe cooperii in front of our house, possibly the last unfenced, unwalled, unelectric'ed, unlasered house in Cape Town. And possibly, from the front at least, one of the safest, because it is so exposed. Burglar bars? Of course we have burglar bars. You think we're crazy???

As I write my father, armed, chats to our security company which has arrived, summoned by his pressing the silent panic button to test its efficacy. The result of another possible attempt by the Patio Gang at Jay and Guy's next door.

Agapanthanus "Purple Delight", purchased last week (and planted by moi a few days ago) from Kirstenbosch, loveliest of botanical gardens.

The other side of the house is a bird paradise, or was till the corgis arrived. Razor wire is hidden in the living wall of exotic and indigenous tree and shrubs that provide food and shelter for the birds. Its snip-snipping earlier this week leads one to the unhappy conclusion that More might be needed. Not more wire, but More.

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