Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ben the Brave

Last night after midnight Ben barked out on the dark lawn. I switched on the floodlights. My dad went out and called Ben back and sent him back to his doghouse. Ben obeyed. This morning we found the razor wire over the gate to the greenbelt neatly snipped.

Long live Ben!


  1. Never thought that I would say it, but yes,"Long live Ben!"

  2. We have fresh razor wire. Ready to be re-snipped.

    What are your feelings, Jay, about tying fairly substantial bells to the razor wire. You know, like the eteklokkies that used to live on the eetkamertafel for the wisseling of borde between main course and dessert? I mean pudding?

  3. Jolly fine idea! Guy leans towards a dinky little guillotine..... We could sit next to the gate and knit, burbling "Off with his head" in French.

  4. That's a great idea! First I must learn to knit.

    Now the Champions are angling for a better fence between Us and Them. Seems they have fresh footmarks up their wall. Bloody hell.

  5. Can't we just enclose our two houses in a giant bubble? Umm, hang on, birds must be able to get in and out....

    Mounted patrols by Henri and Guy? That's on horses, not on each other. And now I've collapsed in a wet heap.

  6. Eugh...

    Well, if I was a burglar I sure as hell wouldn't go anywhere near them!

  7. Die Ruiters in die Nag.

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    You get a prize for that one!


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