Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Momofuku review

Momofuku in the East Village opened a larger space a couple of doors up from the old, noisy, hot, exciting one. Chris took me to lunch today and we discovered that: the prices are the same, some of the bowls are smaller, there was less broth in the pork ramen...We didn't have a seat in front of the kitchen so couldn't see the baby octopus being murdered and then squashed flat on the griddle...

...but the hot spice spoon was very pretty

The $10 pork buns were bloody delicious: creamy with long, slow-cooked, fat-riddled pork belly and crunchy with vinegared cucumber, soft and comforting inside the steamed buns that must resemble the white bosom of Pierre's awful wife in War and Peace...

The broth for the ramen was still very good but there was considerably less of it. T-t-t.

Oh dear. Baby poop, said Chris looking at it. Catsick, I volunteered. Then we got the giggles.

But eat it we did. Beef tongue. With the offending sauce. No, no, no. I must send them the fluffy mustard sauce recipe. And tongue does not have to look like this. It can look good. And worse, the part that really should have been, well, peeled, for lack of a better word, had not been peeled. Oh yum, said Chris, the tongue is tasting me back...

Verdict: it's too expensive for what it is. But what is done well is done very well. Like the buns. And the broth.

His pumpkin pie softserve to go.

And it went.

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  1. YAY!!! I was semi-featured in a post about Momofuku! And I already warned you, I'm stealing the photos. :-) Gosh that broth was good...what little there was of it.

  2. Hey, Chris, don't complain, at least you got a semi-feature. These are tough times. I'm applying for a quarter-feature, with hope... ;-)


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