Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google not, lest ye be Googled...

These fell in the windstorm we had last night. I have been admiring them on the branch for days in the park on Congress and Clinton and today, carpet. Beautiful things.

Cyber-ubiquity is something...All at once we are everywhere. If it hasnt been blogged, it hasn't happened. A client [hello Client...] found me here sometime in the last few days and suddenly I find myself wondering, What on earth must they think?

Mais, c'est moi. And my French lessons are coming along nicely. Merci, Prof!


  1. Oh peuchère, elle parle de moi. J'en suis tout chanboullé... En fait, je me fais la grosse frime, té! ;-)

  2. Duh. Le prof ne sait même pas épeler chambouler...

  3. Qui est que 'le cancre'?
    je ne comprends plus.


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