Monday, August 20, 2007

And finally

WOW! I just opened my new HWandV copy of Elle Decoration and found this kitchen...I think it's stunning. The owner "is not a keen cook" so the kitchen was shrunk. It is such a silly premise, though...In this case (the case of kitchens, I mean) smaller is better - you can reach everything. Or why do restaurant kitchens have galleys??? I hate doing laps to fetch things I need. These massive sprawls you see in a lot of magazines really are for people who don't cook. Or am I biased because I live in a moustrap where the cheese-space is, er, limited? Anyway, I thought this, especially for orange-lovers, was gorgeous. It's by Brazilian architects Triptyque (3 Frenchmen, 1 Brazilian woman. Lucky lady).


  1. That's one orange kitchen! But I agree about the size, who needs a kitchen that requires you to be on roller blades to go from the counter to the oven? I'd add a touch of green somewhere, though... Like eyes, maybe? ;-)

  2. Sounds like an upsetting sort of soup: green eyes. :-)))


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