Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Aronia - good for what ails ye

As late summer arrives in waves of humidity, with a side of cicadas, Aronia begins to ripen. The dried fruits above were added to a batch of roasted beets, for a savory spread (I call it a pâté) that I make for forage picnics.

I also preserve the antioxidant-laden fruit in a chutney that is flavored with juniper and spicebush, and which is very good with soft cheese.

The chutney recipe, and much more about superfood Aronia, is over at Gardenista.


Edible Plant Walk, Queens Country Farm Museum

10 August 6pm


  1. I still have my yield from last fall ("craisins" and syrup) that I have left in the refrigerator not really sure what to do with it! Bad, webb!! Thanks for reinvigorating my interest. I have even more berries this year than last (when I left more than half for the birds), so I need to learn to use this food that literally grows right under my nose - well, next to the driveway in very full sun! Thanks!

    1. Drying the syrupy fruit is quite easy if you leave it out for several days (faster in the sun) - I use it a lot for baking. And the fresh fruit - if you have the patience -that juice is quite a tonic, but also so good in savory cooking.

  2. I've tried so hard to grow Aronia in the Catskills but the deer just destroy it. :(

    1. Damn deer. Cute but voracious. Leave a recipe for deer pie stapled to a shrub.


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