Thursday, June 16, 2022

Lilies, and the mighty eep

Regal lilies on the terrace. They opened in the night, and this evening we will sit down outside to a scented supper.

In all the years that we lived with Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana (our big black cat, with a mighty eep) he never tried to nibble a lily (they are highly toxic to cats). I suspect this is because he was an outdoor cat and had grass nearby. He'd actually run after me on the roof if he saw me weeding, and beg for a blade of green. He also never showed the slightest interest in hunting birds, which was also strange, but welcome.  He did hate pigeons, though. Typical New Yorker.

But this is a post about lilies, not dead cats. I am ready for a new cat. It only took eight years. That kitty left huge paw prints to fill.



  1. I have been hoping for eight years that you would get another cat. Don Estorbo will never be topped, but he undoubtedly would approve of a successor being adopted by you.

  2. What a beautiful portrait... surely he will reappear at the right time in a different guise, to live another of his nine lives alongside you.

  3. Time to visit the rescue shelter! It’s where I got most of my cats

  4. Yes another cat! Go for it! Meow!

  5. Eight years? Jeeeez. Where does the time go?


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