Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Spring's best trees

Umbrella magnolia are in bloom.

Historic Green-Wood Cemetery is an accredited arboretum and home to some of the oldest and most beautiful trees in New York City. Our proximity to this beautiful, huge green space was not something we appreciated when we signed the lease on our current apartment. We lucked out. Although Prospect Park is also very close by, Green-Wood's tranquility is quite different. It is quiet, clean, and its grass is the best for lying upside-down on.

I wrote about (some of) Green-Wood's trees in spring for Gardenista. 


June 16th, Alley Pond Park Walk

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  1. Old cemeteries are wonderful for wandering! Here in Rochester we have Mt. Hope Cemetery, founded in 1838 like Green-Wood. The trees are mature, many plots precariously located on hillsides, lots of wildlife, all inviting exploration. A gorgeous urban space any time of year!


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