Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Suppers, lost and found

Forgotten suppers, found. The light isn't pretty and just means I didn't adjust the white balance - lazy photographer. It's softer, in person.

When you cook every evening, it's easy to forget some good things. Photos help. These are from my still-daily hour of downloading and sorting images from Memory Stick No. 1 (No. 2 is still waiting in the wings; I don't know who's more nervous, it or me). I've made it to November, 2021.

Naturally each digital file (photo) records the date and time a picture was taken. This helps me cross-reference with my calendar and with any digital recipe notes I may have made. 

So in the picture above I see pork chops. And then I have to think. What's on them? Zoom in and it' currants (yum), field garlic, and I see something else - please tell me I wrote this down. Turns out I did, sketchily. And that this was the evening of a day I'd led a walk for 15 people, with a six-course tasting picnic. One of the picnic snacks had included a confit of black trumpet mushrooms. And the mushrooms I did not use went into the pan sauce of black currants and sweet clover for the pork chops. Phew. It was delicious. (If you're wondering, the currants were frozen. I keep little stashes in reusable bags for quick deployment.) I think the bowl on the left contains a celeriac remoulade: grate the peeled celeriac, mix with mayonnaise and mustard: done.

And still November, and again after a walk: an old favorite: Chicken pieces roasted with tomato, potato wedges, lots of lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and rosemary. About an hour at 425'F.  Truffle cheese.  And salad. Always salad.

And look, the candles are fresh.



  1. You set the prettiest tables, Marie....and the food doesn't look half bad either! :)

  2. Christine (insta jardindemontagne)January 27, 2022 at 3:01 AM

    I agree with Debbie, what lovely tables! So important - they make delicious food taste even better. Frozen blackcurrants ready for adding to savoury dishes... will remember that!


  3. I have never made a good pork chop. Recently tried again-stovetop on one side first then oven. Best yet but not what I'd call good. Is marinating the answer? Using good quality local meat so that's not it. Last batch had a good amount of fat. Would love some tips! Yours look great.

    1. Thank you. Not sure what to suggest as I'm not sure what has been unsatisfying about your chops. Are they quite thick? I find it easier to cook thick ones. For stovetop I use a medium-high heat to sear one side till browning, then cover for about 4 minutes; remove cover, flip, and do the same. Then remove meat from pan to rest while I add goodies for a sauce. For oven, I sear one side for a couple of minutes, then flip and roast in a hot oven (400') for about 12 minutes. I often change the timings depending on how the meat looks and feels (when pressed).

  4. That salad looks delicious! *Makes mental note to go harvest some lettuce*

  5. Thanks that's helpful. I suspect I need more sauce! Yours sounds delish. Appreciate the celeriac nudge as well.


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