Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The turn

Autumn in the hood. 

The first street trees to take color are green ash, Fraxinus pensylvanica.  I knew that this was an ash tree but the NYC Tree Map helped me identify the species - it's a wonderful tool that maps every city tree.

Also turning yellow now are the honey locusts (Gleditsia species). Their tiny leaflets are a yellow confetti that the strange, ragged wind of the last two days has been blowing up and down the sidewalks. They gather in drifts. 

The oaks are still deep green, and the maples are not even thinking red thoughts. But it's on its way.


  1. Lovely yellow against the emerald green of the shop front! Same this side of the Pond, the ashes (excelsior) are amongst the first to turn in the landscape, and to lose their leaves, often overnight. Waiting for the beech and the wild cherry's moment. In the garden, the witchazels and the amelanchier are looking wonderful.

  2. It's a magnificent time of year isn't it, nature is going for a rest, perhaps we should do the same.

    Nice to see a little Fiat 500 about to get buried by the falling leaves, that's what I drive :-)

  3. Beautiful colors. Most of the ash trees here (Ulster Co., NY) are dead due to the ash borer.


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