Sunday, July 5, 2020

Fund raiser for Net-Maker Angie

[12 July 2020 Update: I am deep in admin mode and will be contacting everyone who donated and ordered nets. Thank you!]

Dear Friends,

I know everyone has donation fatigue, and many are struggling themselves. But I am raising funds so that I can wire a financial support package to Angie, the woman in Cape Town whose beaded nets I buy whenever I am in South Africa.

She and her husband and new baby live in a shanty town and have been hit hard by the pandemic and South Africa's stringent lockdown measures (now easing). They are officially jobless, and are not legal immigrants, having fled to South Africa from a country that is crushed by corruption and a valueless currency.

So here is my idea for a Netraiser:

If you would like one of Angie's nets, and live in the US, Canada, or Cape Town*, please use the donate button at the end of the post. The suggested donation is $10 or R170 per net. State, "One [insert your number] net, please," when PayPal gives you the option to add a message.

*I will pick up nets when I am allowed to travel to Cape Town, again (so you will also need to be very patient), and deliver or mail them to you.

If you prefer to donate, but don't need a net, or live somewhere other than the above-mentioned countries, please state, "No net!"

Aside from a small amount to cover mailing expenses, every penny raised will be sent to her, and I will have the records to reflect that.

How do I use the nets? To cover food. And ferments. Little fruit flies love our outdoor meals and are just drawn to anything acidic, so the nets are used every evening. They are also helpful for covering edible plants or fruits that I am drying on trays. They wash easily (warm, sudsy water, by hand).



  1. Something isn't working. I hit the DONATE button which took me to PayPal. PP then told me that it didn't recognize the URL.

    1. Hi Diane and thank you so much for letting me know. I believe the glitch has been corrected! xx

  2. I didn't receive the option for comments. I donated $20, but only want one net. The donation should be listed as from Katherine Porter. Good luck!

    1. Noted, and thank you very much, Katherine!

  3. Hi! I didn’t get a message option ( or didn’t see it ) but I donated $10 for a net. The name should be Megan Haugh. Thank you!!


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