Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Serviceberries this Saturday

One of the best things about New York in June is serviceberries. Juneberries. Saskatoon. Shad. Mespilus (if you are European). Amelanchier, if you know the botanical name.

The local Brooklyn serviceberries are delicious. I know, because I have eaten them (nearly) all. But I left some for you.

Come and meet them this Saturday on a Scents and Serviceberries walk (book via PayPal below). Our picnic will feature, well, yes: Serviceberries.

We will identify many other edible plants too, and some of them smell very good. Really. Pineapple weed. Common milkweed. Not to mention the wild greens.

Serviceberries freeze very well, which is how I come to make serviceberry ice cream out of season, with an equally freezable compĂ´te of beach plums (which ripen at the very end of summer). Two delicious North American fruits, happy together.

Lots (and lots) of recipes in Forage Harvest Feast - A Wild-Inspired Cuisine.

Or just come and eat some of them this Saturday. I will do the work for you.



  1. I saw my first Amelanchier tree in VT just a couple of weeks ago. Full bloom with the prettiest white star shaped blossom I'd ever seen. Took my cousin and I awhile to figure out what it was. Wish I was there to try them!

  2. Jealousy grips my heart! Good thing i didn't see this post in time to grab a train for NYC just make this walk with you! Enjoy!

  3. Here in the UK we would have to fight off the black birds to be able to harvest any berries. I had no idea what the tree was at all until I read your blog by the way!


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