Thursday, January 24, 2019


[This is a repost from January 24th, 2007 - a very, very good day: 11 years later the Frenchman and I continue as we began, far apart, but very close in spirit.]

We had rather a good day on Thursday...

Ted's opinion? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Maggie in her finery.

                                            Taittinger was uncorked.

We posed in shifts. With only three guests invited, someone had to hold the camera.

My mom packed us a Champagne (more!) picnic and we set off to Clifton's 3rd Beach. While the wind raged in town, Clifton was serene and suspended in early evening light.

What was the picnic? Crayfish cocktail (in the Cape we call spiny lobster crayfish or kreef), chicken liver pâté, toasts, little pork sausages, dried mango for the Canadian, fresh cherries, and some pretty fine bubbly.



And the last glass of bubbly by candlelight...

Husband: you were worth the wait. You were worth everything.

[That has not changed.]



  2. Yeah!!! Congratulations!!I wish you, guys, a lifetime of joy and happiness.

  3. Heavens - you guys look stunning... a super-model couple! What a perfect start - may you have many many beautiful sunrises and sunsets together.

  4. you are the picture of happiness. lucas, blake and i send you much love and congratulations.

  5. Jay and guy - see you on Wednesday and thanks for the pictures!

    Newyorkangel- thank you! And love to London...

    Marijks: you get lots of brownie points.

    Cons - I miss you - see you in mid Feb...un besito.

  6. Stunning. I couldn't be happier for the two of you. Just think of all the places you can watch sunsets together now. :-)

    Much love...the Husbands

  7. Congratulations!
    Veels geluk!
    Mazel Tov!

    Awesome photos! Good luck to you both!

  8. Beence! Marie!

    Did you see our message posted under the first lot of Boulders Beach pics? Congratulations again from us here in India and from the broders. Estorbito, we miss you!

  9. Thanks Craig...

    Trebor and h-h-h-uwi...thank you too. Are you enjoying being vegetarians in India? Estorbo loves mango. He is bristling at his bloglessness and will be up and running quite soon.

  10. Aha! I've been waiting to see pictures and I was not disappointed, they're amazing! Congratulations and much love to both of you, I hope to meet your husband in person soon. I miss you and I hope you can make it to Chicago,love! Or I'll find you two, just give me some coordinates.
    Love from Lisa, Mark, Luke & Annabel. And Max (a very old cat).

  11. Lisa....thank you. I have an email still in my draft box for you. One day it will se the light and be sent. I have duly noted May's suitability for a visit!

  12. Congratulations to both and each of you! Thank you for posting these photographs of a truly beautiful wedding celebration for and by two extraordinary people. 💞

  13. Wow, so much water has flowed under the bridge... And so sad that time has began chipping away at such a sweet gathering. I'm sending my love to you all, Corg included. The lioness' share is for you. XXX

  14. That photo of your handsome father looking at you is a treasure. Congratulations

  15. This. You. Everything. So beautiful!! I like how you pack a picnic for the beach, also.

  16. From one of your readers: this made me happy reading your story, looking at the beautiful photos: enjoying the colors, the food description and the obvious joy shared that day and onward. Love the colorful printed cloth on the sand too. Congratulations and continued health and happiness.

  17. I can’t believe I’ve been following your blog so long... but this is about when I started mine. I love your love story... congratulations to you both. Vive l’amour!

  18. Baie geluk!

    There have been reports of a fire on Table Mountain. Can you see the fire and is it serious?

    1. Thank you, Ed. If we had been on the beach pictured in this post we would have seen it up close. But the fire was on Lion's Head, which is separate from Table Mountain, and not visible from where we live. It was Friday night/Saturday morning.


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