Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sit down. It's supper time.

July has ended.

Days are full. Very. Very full.

Evening is a pause. Stop. Breathe. Sip. Talk. Watch for possums (we have a baby again - tonight, after inspecting the garden, it walked on the wires, high above the back of the garden, with great confidence).

And now it is August. Five weeks until I meet a book deadline. With life insisting on happening, inbetween.

But we will always have supper.


  1. amen - there is always supper (and wine!)

    katie xx lacoconoire.com

  2. I have great confidence in you Marie!
    As long as you are sustained by suppers in your beautiful garden all will go well with your projects!

    1. Thank you, Karen. Pee ess: Wilma says she needs a furry brother...

  3. The beauty you create, nurture and memorialize in your life is so lovely...and inspiring! May that deadline be a goal rather than a torment.

  4. You definitely fit the quote; "bloom where ever you are" Can't wait to see your new book! I'm sure it will be a treasure.

  5. Your dinner settings always look so romantic to me.....but I don't know how you can stand the mosquitoes!


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