Friday, February 3, 2017

And a happy Rooster to you, too

Lunar New Year in Chinatown. We joined the throng, even though we were really on a mission for tropical fruit to take to dinner that night. It was incredible to stand in that friendly crowd and to think about Donald Trump's lunatic proclamations. This epitome of an immigrant's celebration made the airport detentions and immigrant bans all the more absurd.

Stone faced NYPD escorted every dragon dancing troop. 

Children perched high. 

As we moved from the main processions' heart the streets thinned a little. We considered dumplings at our favourite Dim Sum Go Go but did not feel like waiting and moved on to shop under the Manhattan Bridge, where I bought longans and rambutans and dragon fruit.

Everywhere confetti and ribbons popped and showered.

Supper was with good friends, one who entered the United States as a refugee, only one American-born, most US citizens, some green card holders. Harvard (the former refugee) and Cambridge in the house (and me, of course, to tone things down).

In South Africa there are many refugees and immigrants, too, many from war torn and failing states. There is also xenophobia. Immigrants are resilient. They are determined. They have endured physical and psychological deprivation. They have left everything behind. They have survived. You want them in your gene pool. Because they are strong. And perhaps that is the problem. Do not fear strength. Embrace it. Make it part of you.

Yes, there is a lot of sweeping up after the Chinatown celebration. Click on this Ram Year post from 2015 to see.

This year of the Rooster is a challenge to us all. May we rescue something good from the flames.


  1. So many things you said very well here. Thanks.

  2. No flames, simple logic. Want to immigrate to U.S ? then do what is required by law to

    enter as an immigrant, like all others had to do. Except the illegals and that is the point

    of the ban, period. You were blessed being born here or maybe you did what was required

    to come to the land of the free. That would require by law, immigration papers. What do you

    like to see, everybody welcome?

    When you go to Africa do you not need the proper requirements to visit? Maybe you

    just sneak in and find your niche somewhere and keep a low profile, 6*^% wages,slave

    to your owner. Not too many immigrating to Africa huh?

    Logic and common sense would dictate to me but.......

    By the way, any idea why we need immigration at this period in time?

    Just to be clear look up US immigration policy, K?

    Love your posts,site and YOU, keep it up.

  3. Hi Sketchy (good name) - Perhaps you missed my comment in the post above about many people immigrating to South Africa for better opportunities. South Africa is in, wait for it...Africa.

    Ever been?

    I know immigration policy. I am an immigrant. I have been through the whole system, and so has my husband. It is expensive and time consuming. We did it the right way, yes. JUST LIKE like the GREENCARD and VISA HOLDERS who are being denied entry, right now. They have not broken any laws. Said denial is not only unconstitutional but illegal.

    Refugees are not doing it the "wrong" way. They are refugees. That is an immigration status. They too, go through a rigorous, stressful process. Approved refugees are being denied entry based on their country of origin.

    Statistically, Americans are much more likely to die at the hands of an American with a gun than they are from foreign born terrorists. They are also more likely to die falling out of bed, than at the hands of a foreign born terrorist. That is quantifiable, meaning, logic would like it.

    Change of subject: I am sure there are illegal immigrants who are a drain on resources. I can only say that the illegal immigrants I have met and worked with here - who have neither the resources nor the know how to apply for legal immigration - are some of the hardest working people I have ever encountered, anywhere. And they are the backbone of many industries, including agriculture and hospitality. My life has been the richer for them, and so has yours. You just have not connected the dots, yet.

    Curious: where do you live and in what sector do you work?

  4. Thank you, Marie, and here, here!, for both this post and your above comment to Sketchy. I couldn't agree with you more, Marie. I am grateful for the energy, hard work, and new (to me) ideas that every immigrant (including every refugee) I have met (and I have met hundreds) has brought to my community and this country. America would not be America, and would stagnate, without its immigrants. And if we are a culture of decent people, we will open our arms to refugees.

  5. Curious. Trump's city, but not his planet.

  6. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Marie. Love your blog posts. Love you & The Frenchman, too. Miss the cat... Please continue to represent.

  7. So very well said and defended, Marie.
    Thank you.

  8. thank you for your detailed reply to the well named sketchy.
    i loved your statement that the people that have worked the hardest to get here will just improve the gene pool. but then again that would require a belief in evolution and scientific reasoning......


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