Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall forage walk

Mugwort, puffballs and hen of the woods

Prospect Park - fully booked
15 October 2016
1pm - 3pm

Autumn in Prospect Park can mean mushrooms, if we're lucky, and rain and temperatures cooperate to create the right conditions for fruiting. In no way do I consider myself a mycologist but I will teach you the do's and don't's of safe mushroom foraging, what to look for, and where.

The happy thing about a plant walk is that mushrooms (fungi, not plants) are a pure bonus; there are plenty of edible or aromatic plants to keep us occupied, from indigenous Sichuan pepper (yes, it exists) to nuts, herbs and fruit.

Our stroll leads us from the western side of the park right across towards the east, with a hill in the middle, with a picnic en route.

More details will be emailed to confirmed walkers in the week leading up to the walk. 

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