Saturday, July 9, 2016

High Line

The ever-changing flower scene on the High Line is a great New York pleasure. While I am often allergic to the Popular, here is an exception. Despite the tourist throngs and the slow walkers (I am a fast walker), I love seeing these plants, and feel lucky to be able to experience the change from month to month.

The pictures above and below belong to late May.

The Frenchman's iconic place of work, sticking out below:

Allium 'Everest,' below - a couple did well in my garden this year, but a few in the back rotted and turned out funny-looking. Probably due to bad drainage.

And June, below: Baptisia alba.

I had never liked astilbe until I saw these pink sweeps.

The beginnings of liatris, below, my new favourite flower in my own garden - tough, and effortless.

Echinacea and leadplant (Amorpha canescens):

Milkweeds. Asclepias tuberosa is the orange. A. purparascens, below

And beautiful bee balm, Monarda.

July and late summer are also very good times to visit, so if you're in town, don't skip. Afterwards, go to Chelsea Market and buy some impeccable fish at The Lobster Place, or just sit down and order sushi or lobster at the bar.


  1. As my just-turned-5 year old grandson likes to say, "Dat's Happy!"

    What a wonderful and joyous post to help brighten (or just make tolerable) such a sad week for the country. I love to say "Astilbe," what a great word. Ditto "monarda." Glad you're enjoying your fingerling potatoes, Marie. Thanks again for such a cheer-filled post.
    Broiling here in Denver,

  2. More info, please, on the "Nude Sunbathers" warning sign!

  3. Growing up in NY, the highline, a wasteland.....the old L train......who da thunk it? A place to go and grow and walk and see. Wow. It used to be just bloody butchers and trannies in that neighborhood, scary (which I liked!)......and I too now love pink astilbe...always disliked it, along with coleus. I have a new found love for it, and grow like 10 different coleus plants on the patio. Hey, you never know, we might even start to like "dusty Miller". (maybe not!). PS We love the Highline in the late fall the best.....:)

  4. It's so nice to see what they've done with the highline - shame it wasn't done while I was still living in the city. Oh well!

  5. Love the juxtaposition of the liatris and the parked cranes.

    1. liatris -- I was startled to see what I believe were goldfinches in the garden when the liatris went to seed.

      (and Halloween says 'tells the wooman I sez hi' so there you go, salutations from the mainland.)

      -Melanie, et al.

  6. I will definitely go down and walk this when I am up in Manhattan the end of July/beginning of August. I walked it one November when I was up there for Thanksgiving, but everything was pretty much dead then. I'm to get my granddaughter to and from reading camp each day for the week, as my son will be working and the rest of the family will be at their house in Rye. While she's at camp, I'll be on my own.

  7. Looking forward to an August visit! I've done May June, July...

  8. Spectacularly beautiful and I've never seen it like that. It's one of NY's specials

  9. What a fantastic hidden gems in NYC, love that you managed to get a close up of the bee.

  10. Thanks for the summer photog's. No High Line for me until an October visit. I don't think I've ever met a flower that I didn't like.

    A couple of years ago I stayed at the Hotel Americano on 27th, a couple of doors down from the High Line crossing above. I remember strolling along with the security guy closing it down at 10:00 p.m. It was all a bit surreal - Sleep No More in an old warehouse next door, friendly gents at the leather bar around the corner. A pretty bar tender at the pizza place across from the hotel - I sat at the bar and she invented cocktails for me. I recall wandering around looking in the windows of the private art galleries very late at night. I expect the High Line has created a lot of development in North Chelsea and a change in character.


    Horrific hail a couple of week ago in my neck of the woods. Garden smooshed and flattened. Veg physio/rehab/replanting between daily rain storms and searing lightning. Not a nice summer this year. I'm glad I gorged on tulips and rhubarb earlier.

  11. I loved visiting the High Line on my trip to NY. Thanks for keeping me in touch with it!

  12. Marie, Is your Twitter account down?

    1. Thanks for asking. Yes, I killed it (I hate Twitter), but forgot to update the Find/Follow. You can also find me at IG @66squarefeet


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