Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blue days

When the summer wind lies down the days are so blue your heart breaks.

Kalk Bay is that other part of town I love very much.

We leave the city, soon, bound for the Northern Hemisphere and New York.


  1. I'm always blown away by the vibrancy and light of day I shall see for myself : )
    Travel safe - I feel for you returning to constant reminders, may they swiftly turn to warm and happier memories x

  2. Have you immersed yourself in any of those beautiful waters off and in South Africa?

  3. What has struck me in your photos from the past few weeks has been the clear air -- the vibrancy of the colors, the pristine sky, the water -- the sheer depth of the place. It has to have been good for the soul, and I'm so glad you could have it. Now. With the Frenchman. Just now. Perhaps time to come home, but among all the reminders, hope you still will feel the presence of one who was a part of your life. Was, is, always. Onward . . .


  4. When I think of South Africa, I see the color BLUE. Those are amazing photos.


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