Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Change on a city terrace


And January this year. Hm. I must really have been leaning over the edge for that snow picture.


  1. Genugtig! Looking forward to more comparison pictures.

  2. Spring is definitely in the air - I just posted a very similar picture, except mine is in the suburbs.
    Your terrace looks lovely by the way.
    ; )

  3. Am sure you feel like it's a huge undertaking - the making of a new terrace garden - but you have made such progress already. Keep on truckin' but don't forget to enjoy!

  4. The deck garden is looking very healthy. I bet you will be amazed at the harvest this year!

  5. At first blush, the perspective seems to offer from above an isometric exercise--with all shapes and sizes depicted, but yet interrelated and perfectly presented. Fantastic view..

    But please be careful, Marie, and don't bang your noggin! We don't want the loopy, creepy Karl Rove concluding, after all, that you don't qualify for the Presidency because you once-upon-a-time bopped your head.

  6. I guess I have been away for quite some time...this is a different terrace than the one I used to visit. You've moved? Everything still looks just as wonderful as it ever did. Do you still have 66 square feet or is it larger now?

    1. Funny :-) And welcome back.

      We moved last October to Harlem. The change was rough, but things are much better, now. I must measure this terrace carefully.

      The blog will get a new name this year and a nice fresh look.


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